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Helped utilize design system to help redesign modules for launch

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The core expeirence for Meetup revolves around being part of a group and attending events that the group hosts. However, the group page information architecture was a bit unclear and did not highlight the organizer as much as it should.

A project lead by John Merlino and Benjamin Baur, I helped take the project to launch by working with design system engineers to figure out how to compromise and launch ASAP.


The project was not about moving numbers but more about helping organizer and members feel more empowered and confident with planning and attending their events. That being said, we still saw a 1% increase in member participation in signups and rolled out to 5 million people in January 2019.


John Merlino (Design Lead)

Benjamin Baur (Design Lead)

4 Engineers

Image of Before and After Groups Page

Designing within constraints

There were many components that needed an interim state, particularly the card component. We used it to display event information such as name, dates, pricing, etc.

Image of card variations

The challenge was accounting for the many different states the cards would end up in.

Comparison of card designs

The cards were orginally huge and were not using space efficiently well, so we were able to slim down the cards while still displaying the important information.

We also had to make sure the different breakpoints would still play nicely.

In the end

Though a quick project, it was great learning more in-depth about working with a design system and the technical implementation process behind it.