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Betterment Joint Checking

Designed joint checking account experiences for both native mobile and web

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The natural next step after launching Checking was to create Joint Checking to allow partners to manage their cash together.


We had a full launch during the summer of 2021 that released to all existing Betterment customers and new customers.


Amanda Hayat (Product Manager)

Amar Parikh (Product Manager)

David Kroner (Designer)

+10 Engineers

So why joint checking?

With Checking, it made sense to also add Joint Checking:

  1. Many of our customers are at that point in their life where they’re getting married or already married and need a joint checking account
  2. Joint Checking would compliment joint investing within Betterment
  3. It was also the most highly requested feature since Checking launch

We created a flow where existing Betterment Checking customers can add their partner to their existing account and create a new Joint Checking account altogether.

So what’s next?

The Joint Checking account shares similar features to the existing Checking account, so we're looking to implement joint specific features to make shared management more efficient.