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    Easier way to manage payments with your groups

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    During October 2017, I was couch surfing in NYC so I could stay and work at my first design job. During this time, I ended up needing to Venmo many different people to pay for rent. Through this experience, I came across some friction in the app that I thought would be a great opportunity for me develop my design thinking.

    The results

    There’s no meaningful outcome as this is an ongoing side project.

    However, I did familiarize myself with running user interviews as I conducted several of them with my friends. I also became familiar working with design constraints as I worked off of Venmo's style guide.

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    What's your group

    When I presented the idea of Venmo Groups to people, the concept of a group within the Venmo ecosystem was immediately understood by almost everyone. People resonated with the fact that they go out with pretty much the same people.

    They also mentioned how juggling many recurring payments, such as rent or subscriptions, is tedious to do on Venmo and could be streamlined better.

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    Location, location, location

    Another issue people had was that when they were in the scenario of being with unfamiliar people, it would be painstaking to search for everyone on the app because they'd have to go around sharing usernames, asking people to pull out QR codes and scan one by one, etc. People were also anxious about have to request money from people at a later time because they weren't sure if they'd see them again.

    With Venmo Groups, you can search by location. This means that you can search for nearby users by vicinity and compile a search list — think of bluetooth or AirDrop. This makes it much easier and faster to find groups of people for the first time.

    With the group concept, you can pay or request funds with multiple people in a single transaction. This makes it easier than having to repeatedly search for the same group of people each time.

    If you don’t want to search by location, you can also create groups manually through standard search.

    Thumbnail image of venmo groups project Thumbnail image of venmo groups project

    Shout out to my friends for sitting through my user interviews while I worked on this project and to Origami for being the first prototyping tool I learned.


    Thumbnail image of venmo groups project